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Lightfoot Learns from…David Garrad

Find out the full story when one of our directors, David Garrad sat down with Lightfoot. Learn more about David, his favourite drives as well as his love for chickens. Plus learn how Square Mile achieved the best ever score for a UK Broker for Customer Service, from Investors In Customers (IIC).

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How long have you been with Square Mile Broking?

Since I formed the company with a fellow director in September 2007.

How would you describe a normal day (if such a thing exists?)

It’s a mix between client visits (existing & new), general administration of cases and managing all the various aspects a Corporate Insurance Broker needs to be juggling.

What vehicle do you drive?

Audi Q7 – nice drive and practical with a young family

What’s your favourite drive (or the one you’d most like to make)?

I drove to Portugal with a mate who couldn’t fly for Euro 2004 and that was a long but very funny drive across France, Spain & Portugal. We were in a Audi A4 convertible for the trip and a group of Croats fancied using this for their onward journey when we came across them on a very cosmopolitan camp site!  We managed to get the keys back with the offer of a round of beers and then left sharpish!

Do you make a good passenger?

No, not at all.

Favourite subject at school?

Art and Design & Technology.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would your dream job be?

I always wanted to be a lawyer, but didn’t feel I had the academic qualities to follow it through!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you

I used to keep chickens. A long story short – when we hatched them as part of a junior school project, I told my teacher my Dad kept chickens and he would be happy for us to take them in when the project had finished. I then told my Dad I had won them in a prize for good work and he set to work on building a chicken run. When the handover took place, the stories fell apart but the deal still went through!

What would be your perfect Sunday?

Vets football in the morning followed by a BBQ in the garden with the family.

When or how did you first hear about Lightfoot?

Through Allianz Insurance when we were looking to build a stronger risk management offering for our numerous motor fleet clients. It’s one of a number of things we look to promote to assist clients in providing a safer driving environment for their team, which ultimately keeps their insurance costs down.

For me, it seems a really cost effective way of improving driver behaviour in the vehicle, as it is happening without the need for a manager to intervene – as is the case with pure telematics. If you can stop the small things that we all do which affect our driving and increase the chance of an accident, then you will significantly reduce the number and severity of claims you or your drivers are having.

If your Lightfoot could be the voice of any person in the world, who would you choose?

Joe Pesquale…

What would you say to encourage another driver or company to use Lightfoot?

Having seen the demonstrations and worked with clients on the Lightfoot proposition, I have seen Lightfoot deliver exceptional results in a very short space of time. Working closely with a broker that understands the mechanics of motor fleet insurance like we do, and one of our partner insurers willing to offer clients a risk management fund, I am confident that we can help Lightfoot work for your business too.

We’re all about innovation here. What’s your favourite innovation?

It’s a close run thing between the world wide web (www) and the mobile phone, but I think the www just takes it.

Here at Lightfoot, we reward drivers with prizes. What’s the best gift you’ve received?

My two sons… cheesy but I gave this a lot of thought and kept coming back to them..

What would you like to say to everyone who might be reading this?

Square Mile Broking would welcome the chance to quote on your businesses insurances. Having received the best ever score for a UK Broker for Customer Service from Investors In Customers (IIC), we feel well placed to assist any businesses who are keen to see what alternatives are out there, or who are not happy with the service and expertise of their current broker.

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