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ITV’s People Projects Competition – Skaterham

Skaterham, the youth & community project in Caterham has reached the final 5 of ITV's People Projects competition & needs your vote to secure lottery funding.

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Skaterham is a community/youth project in the south of England that has been running for nearly 20 years. It welcomes 500 young people through the door each week, offering a safe environment for them to use the indoor & outdoor skate ramps with an emphasis on building a closer community.

The facilities also offer a tuck shop & skate shop and the project encourages young people to be involved in the running of these shops.

With over 2,000 applicants entering ITV’s People Projects competition, Skaterham has been successful in reaching the final 5 and needs your vote to secure £50,000 of lottery funding to continue their fantastic work.  The money will go towards finishing their community café and purchasing a community minibus. Voting is only open for a limited time, read more and cast your vote, it only takes a minute!