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How to Improve Your Fleet Performance and ”At-fault” Accident Rates…

Fleet monitor technology

The Lightfoot in-cab system is designed to provide your business with a solution that will improve your fleet performance, lowering your business costs and insurance premiums.

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Many businesses are faced with a hard task ensuring the driver safety and efficiency of their fleet vehicles on a day-to-day basis.  Lightfoot have a provided an excellent and easy to install solution that works by listening to a vehicle’s engine and identifying its efficiency ‘sweet spot’.

Lightfoot works in real-time at all times to detect if the engine is moving out of this sweet spot and alerts the driver both visually and verbally. This allows the driver to quickly adjust their driving style, helping the driver to sustain more efficient and safer driving habits. If, and only if, the driver ignores these initial alerts, the driver will receive a ‘penalty’, which is then visible to the fleet management team through the reporting system.
Lightfoot technology

With proven results, the Lightfoot system can benefit your business and your fleet drivers by:

  • Reducing driver-fault collision and incident rates considerably, resulting in lower insurance premiums
  • Encouraging a safer and more efficient driving style that will reduce the wear and tear of fleet vehicles
  • Reducing fuel consumption, lowering your business costs and reducing CO2 emissions

Square Mile Broking are seeing first-hand how this Risk Management tool works for our clients and this is just one of the great options available to aid our clients with sizable motor fleets. For more information about fleet risk management, click here to email us and we will contact you directly back with further details.