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Government figures show Construction industry needs to heed cyber threat

There were over 77,000 incidents of online crime against the construction industry last year.

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Figures from the Home Office’s latest commercial victimisation survey show that online crime affected 15% of construction businesses last year. It was the first year that the sector has been covered by the survey and so no comparisons are available with previous surveys.


The survey found that 71%  or 54,000 cases related to computer viruses and 10% involved hacking attacks. Other risks included Phishing, theft of money and data. It is estimated that some 2,000 businesses suffered a theft of money online.

The survey also showed that smaller construction firms faced similar risks to larger firms, despite the latter investing more in security. As this is the first time construction has been included in the survey it hard to make comparisons

The 2016 commercial victimisation survey was carried out among 958 respondents from the construction sector including building, roofing, scaffolding, civil engineering, electrics and plumbing companies.