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Don’t get crushed by Health and Safety fines


In 2012 the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations came into play. Since then firms have been invoiced with a staggering £21 million in fines or Fees For Intervention (FFIs). Construction and Demolition firms alone have been hit with £6m in fines.

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Many of the reasons for FFI are for pretty basic requirements such as ‘Inadequate welfare facilities’ or ‘Poor management of temporary works’.

So take a moment to consider the fact that one of the top ten reasons for firms being fined is because of toilets.


In April 2015 HSE released figures that demonstrated that nearly 70 companies are being fined every day of the year. However what some people overlook is that the fines aggregate up until the problem is rectified.

By identifying the main reasons for firms to fall foul of the regulations it would make it easier to mitigate against them.

From control of Asbestos to ensuring work at height is properly planned, Our recent report explains why prevention is better than cure.

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