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Don’t breach environmental permits, get yourself covered with EIL Insurance

A construction firm has been fined £110,600 for environmental offences at its Acton ready mixed concrete works in West London.
The firm pleaded guilty to five offences between May 2014 and April 2015 after breaching its environmental permit relating to dust emission, spillages and storage of waste.

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The company also breached an enforcement notice in April 2015 that required it to clean lorry wheels.

In 2011 the supplier gained permission to re-open but with strict controls to cut pollution and limit the impact on Acton residents.

Ealing council officers visited the site in 2013 after they measured increases in particulate air pollution nearby and residents started to complain.

On several occasions they found that the firm in question was breaking the conditions of its environmental permit. The organisation continued failure to comply with council demands for them to operate legally and responsibly led to the prosecution.

See full report here.

You need to buy Environmental Liability for these 5 reasons

You already have a public liability policy, your company is not involved with heavy industry or chemicals, and environmental cover is not compulsory, so you don’t need it, right?

These are common myths, but to go without Environmental Liability Insurance (EIL) is to put yourself at risk.

What does EIL cover?

EIL covers various types of pollution, clean-up costs imposed by regulatory authorities for your own site, third party liability including diminution of property value, nuisance claims and legal expenses.

There are many cases where EIL would significantly reduce the time and cost involved in resolving an environmental incident. Here are just 5 of our top reasons to buy:

5 reasons why you need to buy Environmental Liability Insurance

  1. Public Liability isn’t enough

Most public liability policies do not include protection for clean-up costs for contaminated soil and water on your own land and generally exclude losses arising from the Environmental Damage Regulations 2009, gradual pollution, historical pollution, and imposed remediation costs.

  1. Environmental incidents can happen to anyone

Regardless of whether your company is involved with heavy industry or chemicals, the majority of businesses have the potential to incur environmental incidents. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Don’t risk your reputation

Environmental issues need to be dealt with rapidly to protect your business’s reputation. Having EIL cover will speed up the process.

  1. Avoid the ghosts of past & present liability

Organisations can incur liability through both their property’s current land use and the historical use of the site. EIL will protect against any issues coming back to haunt you.

  1. Save money

New legislation has significantly increased the potential costs of remediation. The cost of not having EIL is higher than ever.

For more on what EIL covers and why you need it, download our PDF.