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The cost of plant theft to the Construction Industry

The cost of plant theft to the construction industry is estimated at over £400m, with a theft recovery rate of only 10%.

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Insurance picks up the pieces after the event, but the disruption, hassle and possible increase in premium means it is not the best solution to the problem.

At Square Mile Broking, we believe the priority is sound Risk Management to mitigate against the chances of theft in the first place.

We offer our clients a free assessment and support the recommendations with our plant protection initiative called Square Mile Broking DNA+ supplied exclusively to our clients. This complements your existing, traditional Plant security and is simple to use with just a trace or single particle being enough evidence for forensic analysis. It helps in three ways:

1. As a visible deterrent through warning signs on machinery and site hoardings.

2. As a unique, invisible, forensically-coded microdot which provides irrefutable evidence of ownership.

3. Evidence to insurers that you take theft seriously, which can help you get better premiums.

We register each client individually, meaning that in the event of a theft your plant can be identified easily. The liquid glows under UV lighting, making it very easy for police to detect. It has been proven by police to be an extremely powerful deterrent to thieves and makes it easier for them to secure a conviction on the recovered plant.